Training Solutions International LLC

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Who We Are

  At Training Solutions International, we are focused on providing training services with the highest levels of expertise, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

  With a variety of training options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

  We hope to see you soon!

TSI Staff

Ben Bower

Chief Instructor / Company Manager

Certifications and Experience: Oregon State Search and Rescue Certified (8+ years), Search and Rescue Instructor, Law Enforcement Officer, Law Enforcement Supervisor, Law Enforcement Instructor, Certified EMT-B, Certified Tactical Medical Instructor, DPSST Armed/Unarmed Security Officer, DPSST Executive Manager, DPSST Unarmed Instructor, Security Supervisor, NRA Handgun Instructor, AHA BLS CPR Instructor, AHA Heartsaver CPR Instructor, FEMA CERT Instructor, Survival Instructor, Land Nav Instructor, Central Aid Agency Executive Director, C.A.A. Rapid Response Team Commander, HAM radio operator.

Cody Leaton


Certifications and Experience: Oregon State Search and Rescue Certified (5+ years), Search and Rescue Instructor, Central Aid Agency Instructor, Central Aid Agency Supervisor, Survival Instructor, Firearms Expert, Volunteer Firefighter and EMT/Paramedic.

Josh Beaty


Certifications and Experience: Security Agent, United Security Operations, DPSST Unarmed Security Officer, C.A.A. Rapid Response Team Member, Survival Instructor, Firearms Expert, FEMA CERT Instructor.

Billy Thomas

Associate Master Instructor

Certifications and Experience: 20+ in Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Instructor, Law Enforcement Supervisor, Firearms Instructor, Certified Tactical Medical Instructor, FEMA CERT Instructor, Leader of Zombie Emergency Response Organization (Z.E.R.O.) Oregon Division.

Why Us?

  Training Solutions International is an

Affiliate Company of the Central Aid Agency, and a company built on our Christian Faith.

  As such, honesty, integrity, and service are all core tenants of our company.  We seek to provide the best training experience possible for you or your organization.

  Our instructors are all fully certified and draw on years of experience in their particular fields, this knowledge helps to make them more effective teachers.

  In addition, they receive countless hours of additional training and testing before becoming certified as an instructor with TSI. This training and vetting process insures only the highest quality staff, which equates to a more effective training experience and greater customer satisfaction.

  Because Training Solutions
International LLC is Central Aid Agency Affiliate Company, we donate at least 10% of our proceeds to support the C.A.A. in their mission of community service and disaster response.

Why some Instructors wear C.A.A. Uniforms & Insignia

Training Solutions International LLC is an affiliate company of the Central Aid Agency, TSI Instructors who are also

Central Aid Agency personnel wear their C.A.A. uniforms and insignia when working with TSI.

Our Logo

The TSI logo is made up of symbols that each holds specific meaning to our company:

-The lightening bolts symbolize action.

-The swords symbolize self-discipline and perseverance.

-The horse-head knight symbolizes strategy and critical thinking.

-Our motto "Knowledge Itself is Power"

-The open book symbolizes knowledge and learning.

-The olive branch wreath symbolizes peace, partnership, and positive outcomes.