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Adventure Team

The mission of Adventure Team is to teach outdoor skills while encouraging physical fitness, mental and physical competency, and team building.

About Adventure Team

   Adventure Team is a unique training and guide service

offered by Training Solutions International that takes the classroom outdoors.  Adventure Team differs from our regular line of classroom-based Survival courses because it uniquely

combines outdoor activities and learning to create an immersive field-based experience for students.  Depending on the course option chosen, students learn skills and apply them during activities along the way.  Skill level and challenges vary based on the complexity of the course and the type of activity chosen.  Some courses do require pre-requisite training to ensure competency in basic skills and physical ability.  Adventure Team courses vary widely as to what they cover, but many courses integrate common outdoor related topics and skills such as survival, navigation, first aid, and rescue.

Location of Courses

  Adventure Team courses are based in the outdoors and therefore may take place in a variety of locations.  The general location of the course is detailed in during course checkout/registration, and more detailed instructions are sent to students after they complete registration.

Required Equipment

   Because of the nature of Adventure Team courses many have required equipment or gear lists that students participating in the course must bring or supply.  Occasionally some equipment may be supplied by TSI depending on the course.  Equipment lists can be found in the course description for each Adventure Team course that has one.  Students will also be sent an equipment list after they complete registration for a course.

Phone: 541-321-0651 

Types of Adventure Team Courses

   Adventure Team provides a variety of course formats. Courses range from entry level classes to multi-day expeditions, and involve the learning and implementation of a variety of skills at varying levels of difficulty.

Day Long Courses

Day long classes are a day or less and typically focus on a specific skill, certification, or limited skill set.

Multi-Day Courses

Multi-day classes can last for several days and typically focus on more advanced skills, certifications, or skill sets. Multi-day classes may involve students staying overnight at a location, or students may go home at the end of each class day.


Expeditions are longer courses ranging in length, but typically last multiple days with students staying overnight for each night of the Expedition.  Expeditions typically involve learning and utilizing a wide range of skills.


Outings are courses that focus less on skills and more on experience.  Outings are structured around outdoor activities and typically include visits to areas of natural beauty, or areas

that are of historical or cultural significance.  Outings may still feature some rudimentary skills and training depending on the format.


Tours are Outings that last for multiple days,  Students typically stay overnight for each night of the Tour.

Level of Difficulty

   Adventure Team courses range in difficulty based on the requirements of the course.  Course difficulty is based on time duration of the course, physical ability, environmental

conditions, required equipment, and skill proficiency.  The level of difficulty is broken down into four categories:


Normal level of physical ability and basic gear.  No specific skills are required, but new skills will be learned along the way.  Typically mild environmental conditions.


Must have some level of physical ability and some gear may be required.  Moderate courses do not typically require upfront knowledge or skills, but typically require the

implementation of skills learned along the way.  May encounter more difficult environmental conditions.


Must have good level of physical ability and may require specific equipment.  Difficult courses may require upfront knowledge or skills, as well as the implementation of skills learned along the way.  Some Difficult level courses may require prerequisites in order to demonstrate proper competency, ability, and skill.  May encounter challenging environmental conditions.


Must have high level of physical ability and may require technical equipment.  Advanced courses may require upfront technical knowledge or skills, as well as the implementation of complex skills learned along the way.  Advanced level courses may require prerequisites in order to demonstrate proper ability and skill competency.  May encounter very challenging environmental conditions.

Adventure Team is currently under development and is not taking any bookings outside of team building events for the
Central Aid Agency