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American Heart Association
Course Details

American Heart Association (AHA) is the premier type of CPR since they are the organization that governs and defines CPR protocols and procedures.  They are also the only type of CPR typically recognized for healthcare professionals in prehospital or clinical settings.

Our AHA courses tend to be longer in length than the same courses offered by other companies.  This is because we are
committed to presenting the curriculum in the way AHA intended, without taking any shortcuts, so that our students actually learn the material and come away from our classes able to use their skills.

As of Summer 2018 AHA is moving to an e-card format for all CPR / First Aid courses. 
Cards will now be emailed to students upon completion of a course.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic Life Support covers Adult CPR & AED + First Aid and is intended for Healthcare providers.

BLS Topics Include:

-Rescuer Adult BLS

-AED and Bag-Mask Device

-Team Dynamics

-Child BLS

-Infant BLS

-Special Considerations

-Adult and Child Choking

-Infant Choking


Heartsaver covers Adult, Child, Infant CPR & AED + First Aid and is intended for all providers.
Heartsaver modules can be taught individually or combined together to create various class formats.

Heartsaver CPR Topics Include:

-Adult CPR / AED

-Naloxone (Narcan)

-Adult Choking

-Child CPR / AED

-Child Choking

-Infant CPR / AED

-Infant Choking

First Aid Topics Include:

-Duties, roles, and responsibilities of First Aid Rescuers

-Universal precautions and blood exposure

-Removing protective gloves

-Breathing problems


-Allergic reactions

-Epi Pen use

-Heart Attack, fainting, diabetes and low blood sugar, stroke, and seizure

-External bleeding

-Controlling bleeding and bandaging



-Internal bleeding

-Head, neck and spine injuries

-Broken bones and sprains

-Burns and electrical injuries

-Bites and stings

-Heat-related emergencies

-Cold-related emergencies

-Poison emergencies

-Preventing illness and injury

-Legal questions

AHA Blended Learning Skills Sessions

Skills Sessions are required to successfully earn a course completion card for any AHA Blended Learning course.
Training Solutions International provides a variety of skills sessions for AHA Blended Learning courses.

-Skills Sessions are posted on the Training Calendar

-Purchase Skills Sessions slots via our webstore (Click "Register for Class" on the class listing)

-Don't see a time that works for you? Email or call for rates and information about scheduling a custom Skills Session