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Oregon Concealed Handgun Live-Fire Course


Average Class Runtime: 6 Hrs

Location: This class is NOT located at our classroom in Junction City. It is located at a local firearms range. Upon purchasing the class we will email you directions to the class site.

The Oregon CHL Live-Fire course is a comprehensive concealed handgun course that combines classroom lecture with live fire exercises. The classroom portion of the course focuses on many topics related to concealed carry, including laws and legals aspects, gun safety, a section on basic tactical first aid and much more. The range portion applies what is learned in the classroom, students get practical experience with a variety of techniques and distances. We set out to put together a class that covers every aspect of carrying concealed so that students are properly informed and prepared, not only to get their license, but also to be responsible gun owners. We highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get their concealed handgun license in Oregon. After completing this course the student can apply at their local Sheriff's Office for an Oregon CHL which is valid in Oregon, states that recognize the Oregon CHL, and states that do not require a license to carry concealed.

NOTE: This is not an NRA approved course, but meets the requirements for an Oregon CHL, and is taught by an NRA certified instructor.

Class Requirements:

-Semi-automatic pistol or revolver (Whichever you would normally carry)

-100 rounds of factory ammunition (Leave guns and ammo in your car, do not bring to classroom)

-Eye and Ear Protection (Mandatory on range)

-Case for your firearm

-Ballcap (Recommended)

-Closed-toe shoes, no low-cut shirts

-Sack lunch (There is also a market nearby to go and purchase lunch)

-Signed and filled out liability release form

-Holsters are not utilized for the practical exercises in this course. For courses featuring the application and use of holsters see below.

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