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Fire Extinguisher Training


Average Runtime: 1.5 hrs

(Longer for groups larger than 10)

Fire extinguishers are everywhere, but do you actually know how to use one? This combination lecture and hands-on exercise course is designed for businesses, churches, groups, and members of the public in order to train people how to properly use a fire extinguisher. The course also covers topics such as how to conduct a fire sizeup, safety considerations, fire and utility hazards, and fire extinguisher types. At the end of the class, students get an opportunity to actually put out a real fire using an extinguisher. The addition of the hands-on exercise sets this course apart from other extinguisher training and ensures students come away more knowledgeable and prepared. At the completion of this course students recieve a course completion certificate.

This class exceeds OSHA requirements for occupational fire extinguisher training.

Class Requirements: The exercise portion of this course requires a large flat open area where the propane-powered firepan can be setup and students can practice using extinguishers. Areas that work well include parking lots, gravel lots, or paved paths. Extinguishing agent residue washes away easily with rain or water.

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