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Firearms FAQ

Q: Should I bring my firearm and ammunition to classroom courses?
A: No.  We do not allow firearms in our classrooms unless approved by an Instructor.  For live fire exercises please leave your firearms and ammunition in your vehicle until an instructor directs you to get them.

Q: How should I bring my firearms to the range?
A: Carry them unloaded in a bag or case.  Once on the range they will be inspected by an Instructor.

Q: Do you allow reloaded ammo at your ranges?
A: No, for the safety of our students and staff we do not allow reloads at any of our classes or ranges. 

Q: Do you allow holsters at your entry level and CHL classes?
A: No, unless specifically stated in the course description, we do not allow holsters to be used in our entry level and CHL courses.

Q: Can I wear gloves during live fire exercises?
A: Yes, if you want to wear gloves for live fire exercises you may.  Gloves can create complications with trigger control and general firearm operation unless you specifically train to use them.

Q: What kind of safety equipment is required at the range?
A: Hearing protection, eye protection, closed-toe shoes, no low cut shirts, a case or gun bag for your firearm.

Q: Do you require liability waivers for your live-fire courses?  If yes, where can I find them?
A: Yes, liability waivers will be provided on the day of the course, but can be downloaded ahead of time from out website.  A link to the PDF of the waiver is located at the top of the Firearms page.

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