Training Solutions International LLC

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Rolling Thunder Operations Airsoft

What We Do

-Public Games and Events

RTO primarily does public games and events; including skirmishes, operations, milsim, and training.  These events are held at a variety of fields either managed or contracted by RTO.  

The events range in intensity from simple skirmish games intended as just for fun games for beginners and veteran players alike; to fully immersive milsim and training experiences that are highly structured and meant to be as realistic as possible.

-Private Games and Events

RTO holds, and can be hired for,

private games and events that are not open to the public, or limitedly open to the public.  These games include:

-Special celebrations

-company team building functions

-birthday parties

-bachelor parties

-special games used to train staff or try out new kinds of gameplay or styles.


In addition to the games and events listed above, we also do real world training.  Airsoft is a cheap alternative to other training analogs such as simunitions; and is great for training force on force, self defense, and tactics for law enforcement,

security, and even civilians.

If you would like to hire RTO, or want information about hosting a game or event, please use the contact us feature on our site, or give us a call at:  541-321-0651  

About Rolling Thunder Operations

Rolling Thunder Operations exists to fill the need for professionally run Airsoft games, training, and events. Through our focus on safety, and our emphasis on professionalism; we hope to create an environment that is fun, safe, and enjoyable for all participants. Because of these core values, Rolling Thunder Operations events are only open to participants 18+ years of age, except by special parental waiver.  Our games and events range in complexity and intensity, from full Milsim, to Ops, Skirmishes, and training.  In addition, RTO participates in many local Airsoft games and events, both as players and staff.  RTO is presented and hosted by Training Solutions International LLC.

The Events page is where information about all upcoming RTO events can be found.  You can also find links to specific event pages, and register for events as well.

The Teams page is where information about all official RTO teams can be found, as well as photos and links to their social media sites.

Check out the Airsoft Rules page and become familiar with the rules for our events.  We also have the FPS limits for various kinds of Airsoft Replicas posted there as well.