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Drill and Exercise Services

Role Players / Actors

TSI maintains a standing roster of role players that can be used for training purposes.  We use these role players for internal training as well as offering them up to other agencies.  Our role players are all background-checked and sign confidentiality waivers.  All are trained in how to work with law enforcement and first responders as a role player and many are additionally trained in the use of simunitions.  We have provided role players to many law enforcement and first responder agencies in the past for use in training everyone from line personnel to special operations and tactical teams.  We can even provide experienced personnel to assist you, who are trained in safety and how to manage role players for scenarios. Types of scenarios our role players are good for include:

-Crisis intervention training.

-Bad guys/girls for scenarios

-Victims, suspects, and opfor for tactical training.

-Traffic stop training.

-Emergency and disaster training.

-And so much more, contact us today about the possibility of using our role players for your training or scenario!

Interested in becoming a TSI Roleplayer?  Contact Us!


TSI maintains moulage artists on staff that can be used to make your drill or exercise that much more realistic.  Our artists are skilled at simulating a variety of injuries and conditions which add extra realism to training.  Having realistic wounds and injuries helps responders mentally prepare to deal with injury while giving them something physical to treat. Moulage can range from simple injuries, cuts and bruises; to severe trauma injuries and blood.

Exercise Development

TSI is experienced in assisting, managing, and running drills, exercises, and training.  We are experienced using

the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation and Planning (HSEEP) procedures for exercise development and have been involved with everything from simple support, to complete planning and execution of drills and 

exercises.  We consider a quality training experience to be of paramount importance in order to be effective in teaching or refreshing necessary skills, regardless of whether it's a large exercise, or a small training drill.  We can tailor training to your organization in order to exercise the specific skills you want to practice, as well as making the overall scope of the exercise as large or small as you'd like.  We frequently partner with public safety agencies as well as non-profits such as the Central Aid Agency to add additional resources and personnel for larger training events. 

This experience coupled with our knowledge of HSEEP and exercise development, as well as relationships with partner agencies makes us the best choice for all your training needs.

Phone: 541-321-0651

Notable drills and exercises we have been involved with: